Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prelude; Introductions and Reasons (Excuses) Why

Hello! I'm Stringed.

I'm just plain silly, and I'm Owari.

We're pretty much up at ridiculous hours of the night...morning, who cares which? Whatever. We're up late on sugar and caffeine and decided that this blog would be a good idea.

I'll be blogging about whatever I feel like, but mostly anime. The non-anime things I'd discuss would be music, specifically classical, even more specifically violin. I took the name of Stringed due to my obsession with violin, which I'm just now learning to play. I may post occasionally about violin things, but not too often so that Owari doesn't murder me. I'll also post about music I listen to, though most of that is Japanese music anyway. I may also talk about actual novels, foreign language (German in particular), Europe, and theatre things, but really I'll mostly talk about anime, manga, and related topics.

Within the realm of anime, I'll be discussing...whatever I've watched and care enough to talk about? Or read? Probably a lot of figure discussion because I'm ridiculously addicted to figures. I'll probably discuss cons, too, and general topics. Really, anything. To give you an idea of what types of series I'll discuss, my favorite series are Axis Powers Hetalia (please don't run away! Please!), D. Gray-man, Gankutsuou, Princess Tutu, and Haibane Renmei, among way, way too many others. I have an ungodly huge DVD backlog, so I'll be reviewing or discussing a lot of random things while I work through it. That's it, really.

In any case, I've hijacked the keyboard because I'm awesome like that. Although, to be honest, I'm a bit ridiculous, and really not that awesome. Please, forgive me. In joint posts, this or whatever I feel like at the time will be the color I'll type in. Or not, because joint posts will be really rare due to me not living by StringSonata. Oh well, it's still something you'll forget in any case.

I'm going to discuss absolutely interesting (read: probably kinda boring and dull, but I don't want to say that because then it won't be appealing to people) topics such as ridiculous anime, which includes stuff like Akikan! (I don't even kn0w why I'm watching it, or else I'd tell you) and whatever other anime I watch. I also am quite the fan of visual novels and Touhou Project (if you don't know what that is, then please use Google, or just lurk this blog, you'll figure it out). Right now, I'm absolutely in love with Umineko no Naku Koro Ni, because Ryukishi07 is awesome, and it's actually being translated.

Figures are fun, too, but unlike StringedSonata, I can't actually afford them, so you'll just be listening to me talking (read: obviously whining about the figures that are hot/cute/awesome) that I can't afford. Oh, and I'm a huge moefag, and for whatever reason, I still like Pokemon (the one slash pairing I still care about is incidentally from this.) That's really all, really. <3

I do hope you'll stay and read our blather. Some of it may actually be interesting! ...Maybe. We really don't have much else to say for this post, so, as I'm a foreign language addict, tchüss!